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Juggling classes and a job, Hunter Werts finds the inspiration to teach. In In this course, students explore the ethical considerations that guide and inform business decisions and strategies.

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| Public Policy
  • Specific areas of study include human resource management in a diverse global workforce, employment law, talent acquisition, and employee total rewards.
  • Examine ethical behaviors and outcomes of decisions within organizations and possible impact to society.
  • Emphasis is placed upon policy effects of financial institutions and markets upon various sectors of the economy.

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Students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Management program cannot receive credit for both these courses. Students also explore the types of conflict and strategies for managing it through effective negotiation. Learn more about the SIS team and leadership, job opportunities, releases, and recent organizational news. The University of Chicago Press on behalf of The History of Science Society.

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Students integrate their knowledge of leadership, legal and ethical responsibilities, policy and strategy, team dynamics, conflict management and negotiations, and staff training and development to improve organizational performance.

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