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No matter what else may be at play, there can be no denying that the problem cannot be fixed without a drastic change in consumer habits.

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Changes in the quantity and quality of consumption are thus necessary if environmental catastrophe is to be avoided.


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The engine of recovery for the past three decades, the consumer, is no longer capable or willing to play her accustomed role. The instability of both the climate and the economy means that reliance on the market is increasingly risky. References to the circular economy in UNEP green economy documents focus mainly waste and the use of materials. Here the problem relates to the second factor: a difficulty in assessing the impact of a service purchased. The improvement is not just a reduction in energy per dollar of GDP but less energy in total as economic growth progresses.

He argues that the market does a better job of achieving the aims of biblical wealth ethics than do those ethical codesthemselves. The ecological sphere needs to keep the bases of its health, including habitat, climate, and biological integrity. Why good products can fail, the personal computer is so complex, and information appliances are the solution. Jesus makesit clear that this instruction is not only for the twelve, it is a model for the larger movement. Revealed: the environmental impact of Google searches. Selling virtual goods is therefore highly immoral.

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