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Defendant and if the defendant's name if unknown a fictitious name shall be stated. By the judgment debtor's name for other judgment liens filed under that name. At an employee or court, name filings better argument addressed to fictitious name. Order Judgment appointing guardian and certified copies of all other orders. The terror of that day felt palpably real again as senators sitting in judgment of. Do not hesitate to visit or contact us through the contact location tab on the left.

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If you are doing business under a fictitious business name file and serve a. If you have a judgment against you filed by one of the entities listed above. Tip Do not confuse the fictitious name a company is forced to qualify under. Public Records Search Guide LexisNexis.

Or if the time to appeal from a final judgment against the plaintiff has expired. Registered its initials as a fictitious name with the Florida Secretary of. Our Online Document Search but will also improve your overall experience on the. Without converting this motion into one for summary judgment the Court may. The Fictitious Name Act The Bank then paid the amount in the account into court. Anonymity in Civil Litigation The Doe Plaintiff NDLScholarship.

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The joint debt or judgment against someone else

  • Based on the Search Type selected see below the name may be entered in various. The County Clerk also maintains judgment dockets and records of monies paid or.
  • To a civil judgment against you and protects New York State's interests and. Online Records Search Albany County NY.

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