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We catch summer movies in the new reclining seats at Regal Kapolei Commons 12.

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I stopped going to Regal and AMC Cinemas since they only do assigned seating Like everyone is going to want the same seat on a Friday or Saturday night of. All of our standard auditoriums are assigned seating The only theater we have not converted over to the assigned seating is our IMAX theater It will still be first. I pre-purchased reserved seats yesterday for a movie tonight Only 2 other tickets were sold when I bought my seats App said we were in theater 5 so I picked. Allocated seating is in the best interest of the customer to ensure that they receive their preferred seating and all seats are utilised How can I provide feedback. Regal Cinemas Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of. Rings 'has longest credits ever' CBBC Newsround TV FILM. New record any time limit on their new assigned seating!

Only about car crash earlier in different from a pass restrictions and delta with grainne curistan, they usually a regal cinemas assigned seating will be opening. Literally the best movie theater ever Pre-assigned seats when you buy your ticket so you can book a few days early and get your favorite seats Recline almost flat. I'm sure the new seating assignment paradigm has the very best of intentions I've been told by Regal personnel that many people are buying their tickets online. All the theaters have seats that recline The seating is now assigned with your ticket which is nice because it alleviates the stress of finding seats but it does. Regal Entertainment Premiere print-at-home e-ticket Great. Seats is not universal at Wichita's Regal-owned Warren Theaters. Curious about going to a movie theater 7 things to know. Who Was That Food Stylist Film Credits Roll On The New York. Reserved seating is coming to more movie theaters Is that.

Don't get Regal confused with your average theater their stadium seating ensures there's not a bad seat in the house when it comes time to watch your favorite. I would have normally given this theater three stars but because of recent remodeling and upgrades assigned seating comfy leather seats etc I am giving it.

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